A little, right?

I smell some Jessica Simpson on Avril Lavigne…you? Porny would totally wear this tacky ass dress. She’d fill it out better up top but still, there’s an unmistakable trace of hillbilly trailer flavour here that has suddenly splashed itself all over Punk Ass Avril who normally walks around posing like she’s hardcore.

The hillbilly trailer look suits her more.

From head to toe, Avril is becoming That Girl. The prom queen who’s found at the end of the night with her dress by her ears along with her ankles. She gets puffy after high school, hooks up with a loser, and spends the rest of her 20s looking back at the best years while everyone else moves on to more.

As for that marriage – word is the expiration date is looming. According to reports https://www.people.com/people/videos/whatyoumissedovertheweekend/, Avril and Deryck scrapped at MyHouse on Friday. He ended up storming off as she continued to booze.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Avril have the same birthday. This is why I’m not big into western astrology.

Photos from Wenn.com