This is what I always say about Avril Lavigne: her fan base never grows with her. So she has to keep going back to mining from the 14 and under demo. That’s the only age range that will appreciate –if that’s the word – her new video for the song Hello Kitty, which actually includes this line:

“Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties.”


And remember, this passed through several levels of approval before release. You can see the video below or if it gets taken down, it’s on her website here.

Like, even she looks embarrassed for herself. That part in black and white when she’s pretending to wave to an imaginary crowd walking down the street? The fakeness in her smile. The smile belies a lot of loathing. Self-loathing? I don’t know. Because at this point in her career, you’d think Avril would have a little more control over what she’s choosing to put out there. So if that’s the case, and this is what she’s chosen, then there really is no excuse, is there?

I’m not going to waste your time and list for you all the reasons why this sucks. What I will say is that she’s never looked more like Kristen Stewart than she does in this video. And that’s the only way I would ever watch it again: if Kristen Stewart were playing Avril Lavigne.