Dear Gossips,

Could barely keep up with all the TV this weekend. I stayed home on Friday and Saturday night for OJ: Made In America. And if you haven’t already, or if you watched FX’s The People vs OJ Simpson and think it’s too much, it’s not. In fact, the scripted series and the documentary series complement each other perfectly.

In addition to OJ there were all the Euro 2016 games, the US Open, the iHeartRadio MMVAs, Game Of Thrones, which I had to get on delay because of Game 7 of the NBA Finals-and it came down to the last minute. Cleveland and LeBron’s historic victory wasn’t what I was obsessing about leading up to the game though. On Friday I mentioned Ayesha Curry’s tweets about what happened during Game 6. That same day, ESPN’s Stephen A Smith went on television and pretty much said that Ayesha needs to shut her Twitter-mouth out of respect for her man, and behave more like LeBron James’s wife, Savannah. For some reason Stephen had to stress his point that Ayesha is beautiful before telling her that she didn’t need to be heard. They went on for, like, 10 minutes about Ayesha’s conduct unbecoming an NBA wife! And the moral of the story? Basically, there’s only one way to be a good NBA wife: stay pretty, stay quiet. Ayesha did not stay quiet:

Stephen A Smith is one of the main faces of ESPN and makes over $3 million a year, a contract he signed after receiving a suspension for some other bullsh-t he dropped while commenting on the Ray Rice domestic abuse situation, during which he asked women to ask themselves how they might abstain from “provoking” violence. But ESPN has just aired an outstanding “vital, living document” about (among other things) a man who assaulted his wife and the sports culture that enabled him to continue unchallenged, a sports culture with sports “experts” who perpetuate misogyny.

How the f-ck does this make any sense?!?

Yours in gossip,