Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg attended the LA premiere of 30 Minutes or Less last night. It opens on Friday. I’ve attached the second red band trailer below. I won’t lie. I really, really want to see this movie and laugh my sh-t out. A lot. I really, really wish I hadn’t seen the part in the trailer below when Aziz slaps Jesse in the ear. I think I would have enjoyed seeing that part in the theatre and laughing my sh-t out at it over popcorn instead of at 6am at my desk trying to rush out a few posts before a conference call. Are trailers ruining movies? They’ve either forgotten that it can be an art form or they give away everything. Let’s table this discussion for another time.

For now then, half of you want to gush about how cute Jesse is - very - and a few of you don’t give a sh-t about Jesse, Aziz, or the movie, and have stopped reading, and perhaps even fewer are still reading, and it’s you who I hope will care enough about the next part of this article which focuses on how people suck.

On Friday night, Aziz stopped in at a comedy club for an impromptu set. At one point, he opened it up to questions from the audience and a woman in the crowd asked him, “Why don’t you have a red dot on your forehead?”

Aziz, obviously rattled, shot back, “Why don’t you have the word c-nt on your forehead?” (Source) He continued by lamenting that there is still racism in the world. Indeed. A lot of it. You’d be surprised though how unwilling people are to acknowledge this. Inevitably there will be someone reading what happened to Aziz who will dismiss it away as a one-off, chalk it up to some ignorant f-ck being f-cking ignorant. Or drunk. And that that ignorant drunk f-ck doesn’t define the general. Really? Because that ignorant f-ck went to a club with her friends. That ignorant f-ck isn’t hiding in a basement somewhere, not part of wider society. She wasn’t sitting in front of her computer alone, yelling at the screen. No, she went to a club, in LA, and thought it would be funny to ask a man, in front of a crowd, about his red dot. And she’s not part of the general, just like this one isn’t part of the general either. Sure.

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