We’re now inside two weeks out from the Oscars. And George Clooney, must be sweating. After taking the SAG, Jean Dujardin won the BAFTA last night. Now it’s a deadlock. Oscar voting closes on February 21. So there are still a few days...but is Harvey Weinstein running a brilliant campaign for his man, or what? More on Dujardin later.

I was on a plane when the BAFTAs were happening so I missed the livestream. By all accounts though, it was a tight, succinct, down to business show with several charming moments. That could also have applied to what was seen on the red carpet. At this point, you’re saving it for February 26th. No disrespect to the BAFTAs, obviously, but there’s the 3 to 5 dresses to be considered for that night, and then whatever is left gets taken to London.

So, no, there was nothing super exciting. There were however some notable spectacular misses. Duana and I always enjoy fighting with you over carpets looks. Send us your notes! We look forward to reading them!

Attached - Jessica Chastain in, finally, a lovely, lovely dress.