Who was the most popular star during award season? Arguably Jacob Tremblay. Everyone wanted to see him, take a selfie with him, dance with him, ask him to present…

Jacob was everywhere. And I get it. He’s precocious, he’s cute, he was in an Oscar nominated film. And now the Oscars are over. Where’s Jacob Tremblay? Do you see Jacob Tremblay showing up to parties anymore? Or on the talk show circuit? No. Because Jacob Tremblay knows when it’s time to go away.

You know who doesn’t know, ever, when it’s time to go away?

Last night on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Guess who decided to show up for no particular reason?

Please. BB-8, of course.

To dance. That’s what they’re calling it. Like he has rhythm and moves.


He’s a computer. He rolls. He uses math to advance 2 feet and calculus to turn to the right. And any other f-cking equation he can get his hands on for more camera time. I told you. This is the Kardashian of droids. ENOUGH ALREADY, Jesus.