Industrial Light & Magic was presented with the Genius Award at Critics’ Choice last night. I’ve been to ILM in San Francisco. It’s an amazing facility. Yoda’s all over the place there, as he should be. And if he’d come out on stage to share the spotlight with ILM, fine, he deserves the moment. Because he’s old and he’s done a LOT.

You know who isn’t old and who hasn’t done sh-t? You know who decided to jack the moment? Like it wasn’t enough that he tried to jack every single moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?



Because he wanted the computers and the machines to get some love. Great. So where’s R2-D2, you social-climbing famewhore? If we’re shouting out machines, shouldn’t you be at the back of the line?

Anyway, since BB-8 is obviously the Kardashian of droids, he decided to run around backstage and mack on all the free sh-t. At one point he bumped into young Jacob Tremblay, of Room. Please note, Jacob actually won an award last night. Like he had a legitimate reason to be there. Ahem.