The BBC aired a super gossipy documentary yesterday called Reinventing The Royals amid reports that the royal family pushed to delay the original air date after learning that the film alleges that Prince Charles had his advisors exploit his sons to boost his popularity and reputation after Diana died. The BBC denies these claims but you can imagine that Clarence House can’t be happy with some of the information included in the film, especially since it seems to be coming from very reliable sources.

I mean, the BBC isn’t the Daily Mail. And they’re not talking to some random hack either. It’s Sandy Henney who’s gone on record. She’s Prince Charles’s former press secretary. And she’s basically confirming that Mark Bolland, who used to be a key member of Charles’s inner circle, leaked information to the media about William and Harry so that Charles could come out looking like the best dad ever.

There was the first time Will met Camilla when he was 16 years old. Somehow The UK Sun had every detail about the arrangement. Will was furious when he found out because the paper’s story was so specific, he knew it had to have come from his father’s people. And he didn’t understand why he was being used to sell Charles’s relationship. That’s when he started asking questions, demanding to know how it happened and who made the call.

Harry too was shafted by Bolland to help Charles win over the public. Bolland supposedly gave the News Of The World the exclusive that Harry had been caught smoking pot. And that Charles dealt with it by taking him to a rehab centre to scare him straight. He was publicly praised for his parental instinct while his son had to eat the humiliation.

Some insist that Charles didn’t know that Bolland was dealing sh-t under the table like a proper Hollywood publicist even though it’s undeniable that the rest of the family was aware that all the leaks were coming from his camp. And he’s likely to maintain that position now since the Queen stepped in and shut Bolland’s operations down. So the scapegoat is in play. Publicly then they’ll let Bolland take the blame, leaving Charles the role of unsuspecting victim who trusted a ruthless manipulator. Which is fine…

But if that’s the case, how much confidence can you have in Charles’s judgement and leadership? Either he’s the selfish prick who threw his kids under the bus or he’s the clueless fool who unwittingly allowed his children to be sacrificed for the sake of his own public image.

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