Another problem with the American Music Awards last night? Um, totally not enough Justin and Selena. What’s the fixation? As Sasha wrote to me over bbm last night - it’s like we’ve been invited along on their prom date, ok? And the theme at the AMAs was The Great Gatsby.

I’m 16 years old, I love high school movies, especially if there’s dancing, and right now I am looking at him looking at her and It’s. The. Best.

In other ripped from grade 11 headlines...

TMZ reports that Bieber has submitted his DNA for testing. (Am I a sick f-ck in that I am really, really curious to know what where the sample was taken from?) It’s now up to that Mariah girl to provide a sample from the baby. Bieber’s side seems very, very confident that these tests will prove unequivocally that the kid is not his son. And then, in order to dissuade other pretenders from doing the same later on, supposedly his team has promised to sue the sh-t out of her so as to leave no doubt that he didn’t go near it. I know you’re thinking to yourself - but if it’s not true, how could she go through all the trouble and hire all those people and I get it, I do, because that’s what I think too. And then I remember a few years ago that man called the cops claiming his kid flew away in a balloon and it was all a hoax and, I guess I’m just saying there are no limits these days to lying.

Anyway, fresh off the prom, Justin took Selena for breakfast this morning at the IHOP. My 13 year old nephew just grew 4 inches since July. JB turns 18 in a few months. I’m not sure this is happening for him anymore.