He deserves it.

You didn’t give a sh*t when it was reported that Mickey Rourke was nailing Bai Ling. But her publicist has taken it upon himself to clear up the rumours, like we’re talking about the Brange.

Not only that, he’s written a f-cking masterpiece, at once linking together his client, Audrey Hepburn, and iconoclasm without intending to be ironic. All this about a woman whose only purpose in life should be to jerk it at a rub’n’tug.


"While Bai Ling, who is single, has dated a lot during her career, she isn't some 'whore' who hooks on to rising actors. She considers Mickey Rourke a friend. He sent a car for her. She never had an interest in dating him. The next day it was all over the tabloids . . . Though she is an iconoclast with her fashion, too often she's mislabeled as a tawdry Holly Golightly."

We have a word, actually no, we have several words for women like Bai Ling in Chinese. What sums it up best:

Born in a Hooker Den.

And the only reason they keep her around is because through her the hope lives on – that she’ll form one half of a Fook Me Fook You three-way with Tila Tequila. Ignorant white man fantasy.

File photos from Flynetonline.com