Leonardo DiCaprio – is he single? Because his girl was caught with the Rebound Guy – the guy all leggy girls go to for a quick ego boost and some action immediately after a painful break up.

The Rebound Guy of course is Kelly Slater, champion surfer. He was seen with Gisele Bundchen after she split from Leo and he was also there to console Cam Diaz as soon as Pip took off after Shelf Ass.

So on Saturday morning, Kelly was arrested in Israel after scrapping with photographers trying to pap him leaving a hotel in the wee hours of the morning with none other than Bar Rafaeli who of course until now was thought to be dating and perhaps even engaged to Leo D.


And is there drama also between Gisele and Tom Brady? Rumour has it they had an argument last weekend at a restaurant resulting in her storming out. And given the ridiculous way the Patriots are playing – not that they had much competition this weekend in the form of my pathetic Dolphins – some gossips are buzzing that Tom’s singleminded focus is getting in the way of romance. Still others say that kind of winning attitude is precisely why Gisele is attracted to him in the first place and that they are definitely still together, just not attached at the hip.

Gossip buffet –you decide. But judging by how unbelievably perfect she looked a few days ago relaxing in Miami, he’d be crazy to let this slide. Remember – these are candids. They are UNTOUCHED.

Love her. Hate her!!! And don’t blame Leo at all for wanting her back…

Leo or Tom? Tough one.