With Rosie gone, Barbara Walters has apparently resorted to befriending Paris Hilton for ratings, not only eager to defend her but very open to the idea of having Hollywood Ebola host the show.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine what Rosie would have done? Can you imagine if Rosie was still on? Rosie going chest to chest with that dirty skank and tearing her a new asshole?

But of course not.

Because Rosie is no more, and Barbara Walters would only sit there and jump up Paris’s black hole vag.

Radio talk show the other day, Barbara and The View Exec Producer Bill Geddie are being interviewed and the Paris question comes up – whether or not Paris would be invited to cohost the show. Barbara answers: "She would certainly always give us something to talk about.” However Bill jumps in and quickly asserts: "Let me answer that. No." At which point that old windbag pipes up, not happy to be contradicted, and says: Let me answer that. Yes.”

Seriously…is she off her meds?

How come a man can understand it and she can’t? If The View is a show for women by women, what kind of example does it set to have Paris f&cking Hilton sitting at the coffee table spewing her slutty gospel free reign and condoned by Barbara Walters??? In other words, Barbara Walters supports a privileged, spoiled, racist, gaycist little twat who was SO sick during house arrest she needed a plastic surgeon to stop in for a house call…

And this is journalistic integrity?

Bitch… please.