Paris to Barbara Walters – I have power to do good. I am changed. I have experienced a spiritual awakening. I am Paris Power.

I miss Rosie. Help me…

As mentioned earlier, Barbara Walters spoke to Paris Hilton yesterday and of course she had to share her message to the world: Paris is no longer content with what she used to be. She says she has a spiritual adviser who told her that her soul was not content being trapped in the persona publicly referred to as “Paris Hilton”. She says the experience has inspired her to revamp that image, to use her “Power” to help others…perhaps starting with something called the Paris Hilton Playhouse – not kidding – like Ronald McDonald House for kids. Not going there. Too easy.

Barbara tried to remain neutral, but her neutrality had a spin. Because nothing she was conveying about Paris was ever challenged and when it was challenged – indirectly via joke from Joy Behar – it was immediately quashed. Joy was shut down with a quick glare and a mild admonishment – Barbara’s neutrality therefore becomes bias, an unbalanced point of view that Rosie probably would not have been able to swallow.


As for whether or not the new Paris is convincing – not to me but shockingly enough, there were a few claps from more than a few MiniVan Morons without the cognitive ability to disagree once in a while. Because here’s the most telling part about her discussion with Barbara – which not surprisingly, Barbara chose to glaze right over:

On the surface, Paris has acknowledged her past vapidity – that her life was without value, that she squandered opportunity and access to do better for the world. As a result then of her new stark reality and the convenient oneness with God that has fuelled her “Power”, Paris is denouncing her former self – acting dumb, not thinking for herself, getting wrapped up in superficiality.

In the next breath however, she brings up the fact that most people in her position serve only 10% of their sentence before being set free. She has now served 30%...

Dot dot dot.

She also mentioned that serious criminals should be taking up prison space…dot dot dot.

Barbara naturally went on to stress that this wasn’t a complaint, but if it’s not a complaint, what’s the purpose? If she is so spiritually enlightened, if she has experienced a spiritual rebirth of sorts, what’s a few days more?

Furthermore, if we’re really going to get deep into the way karma flows, given that Paris’s life has been defined by privilege, wouldn’t serving her complete sentence be just a small drop in the inequity bucket anyway? The balance between what she’s had and what she’s had to suffer? And if spirituality is the new mantra, wouldn’t someone claiming to be released from the shackles of superficiality, wouldn’t that person be at least content staying in the very place where “God released her soul”?


Paris will change. But Paris will change the way a virus mutates – with deadly results.

And Barbara Walters is now her prophet. Screw The View.

Click here for the clip.