Every year Barbara Walters puts together a list of the Top 10 Most Fascinating People. The show usually airs in late November or early December, the first position cloaked in secrecy until the very end. 

Last year the formidable JK Rowling occupied the top spot. This year, it’s very possible. It could be another woman, albeit one who is decidedly less… 

Less everything.

Anyway, Page Six is reporting that the other day Barbara was spotted at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York with Tom Cruise, interviewing him for the special, and if she actually names him to the list, that’ll just about seal it: the old bat has lost her sh-t. 

Tom Cruise? 



But for the reasons we know? For being Tom? For lobotomising his wife? For orchestrating photo opps with his kid? For his world famous Presentation of Katie Holmes? 

If these are the reasons Barbara Walters finds him fascinating, absolutely totally giv’er. 

But really…what are the chances? 


She’ll make like Oprah did and blow sunshine up his ass. And she calls herself a journalist. 

File photos from Wenn.com