Beanie Sigel’s Jay-Z diss track – have you heard it? Beanie is signed to Roc-a-fella and some say he wants out buy Jay won’t let him and that he’s still pissed because Jay didn’t come to see him in prison, and had him removed from his September 11th tribute concert.

Whatever his grievances, he decided to lay them down in the studio, resulting in Average Cat which just dropped this morning and while Beanie was quick to point out that Jay-Z is a legend and doesn’t deserve disrespect from juniors in the game eager to hop on this trend, Beanie didn’t exactly hold back, especially not with lyrics that hint at something not quite right between Jay and Beyonce, alluding to information in his possession that could potentially f-ck up their marriage which rules out suspicion that this might be a hoax. Because you don’t mess with B’s pride. That’s a whole new level of danger.

At press time, Jay has yet to respond. He was with Alicia Keys last night to open the baseball game.

Photo from Jim McIsaac/Gettyimages.com