The Beckham boys travelled to London this weekend with dad David where they’re expected to spend the holidays at Beckingham Palace in Hertfordshire. They are big now, non? Brooklyn is almost 10. He looks older than 10. Turning 10 in 2010 is Rocco Ritchie. Rocco also arrived in London with his brother Baby David Banda and their father Guy. Baby David Banda is a badass. He and Kingston Rossdale will be running things in 10 years.

Rocco and Baby David Banda have two sisters. Mercy came in today with Madonna. A civilised family gathering in England then. Not sure where Lourdes is. Perhaps she’s staying in New York with Carlos Leon. Sigh. Celebrity travelling is so much easier. Me I am not looking forward to LaGuardia later on tonight. I have the worst luck at LaGuardia.

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