As you know, the royal wedding invitations were mailed out last week to almost 2,000 family and friends which is actually considered a smaller affair than weddings past. Sarah Ferguson did not receive one. Her daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, are on the list, of course, but their mother, their mother is apparently not welcome. May have something to do with that whole pay-me-for-access-to-my-ex-husband-caught-on-camera scandal that went down not even a year ago. Can you imagine her sneaking a Flip-cam into Westminster Abbey? OMG. Now I’m actually really sad she’s not going.

Needless to say, Team Prince William doesn’t want to take the chance. So Fergie’s banned…

But not the Beckhams?

The British papers claim Victoria and David made the cut as William is President of the Football Association or something and David is so synonymous with British football. Like we need a reason. The point is, Posh will be there. And Posh must be PISSED that she’ll have to be there, seen on this kind of an occasion, mingling among old Euro bloodlines, and NOT a triple 0, her usual size. Having said that, these people are exactly her clientele. Imagine if the Queen catches Victoria taking dress orders at the reception?

Attached – Princes William and Hot Harry on a Horse getting on very well with Becks in South Africa last June. He looks so minor next to those two tall boys. And Victoria in New York last week with no discernable baby bump. Remember, she thinks she’s fat.

Photos from and Josiahw/ and WPA Pool/