So I’m like super hardcore into figure skating. Can’t get enough of it. In 2002 during Salt Lake, I along with many other Canadians was full on obsessed with the Salé & Pelletier controversy. Obsessed. To the point of being a f&cking loser.

Remember their performance? Remember Love Story? Remember the part when they pretended to throw snowballs at each other and frolicked in a winter wonderland?

Now have a look at Becks and Casillas running and playing in the snow. It’s FIFA Love Story. Only neither one of them has cancer. Hopefully not.

Don’t tell me you aren’t panting. Don’t tell me a hot sweat didn’t just spread across your chest and up the back of your neck. Don’t lie.

As for the rest of the photos, as many of you have explained in recent days – my inbox is filled with footie fans gushing about the double hotness – David and Iker shared a special bond. And they were not shy about illustrating it physically as teammates.


Why don’t more straight men understand this concept? Especially the North American ones? I look at this and I don’t see gay. I look at this and I see me in between them quivering away.

Thanks to Ana for the montage. Also attaching perhaps the best Iker ever during the match against Russia yesterday courtesy the horny girls at Kickette.

And if you’re in the mood… go back to 2002 below.