“After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I could shine.”

This is how we’re introduced to the Vampire Bella in the new teaser trailer for Twilight 5 that played in front of The Hunger Games this weekend; now that she’s changed from human to immortal, after finding her life’s mission marrying Edward Cullen and having his hybrid child, Bella is Special.

Oh, look! It’s my favourite word!


Special is the great intoxicant. Special is why the children are indulged, why the girls are encouraged to dream. Special, by definition, means that you are NOT like the regular others. Special wants to be American Idol. Bella wants to be American Idol?

What a great message for all the girls...as evidenced by Kristen Stewart’s underwhelming voiceover. Needless to say, even she couldn’t find a way to make her own character convincing. She may as well be saying, “Last night I had some smokes. Then I watched some informercials and fell asleep on the couch.”


Here she is last night, with Robert Pattinson and some friends, hanging out with Katy Perry (not pictured) crew, according to the photo agency.