Ben Affleck at Joe Kindregan’s high school graduation on Friday. Joe suffers from ataxia-telangiectasia, a rare, degenerative disease. They became fast friends several years ago after the Make A Wish Foundation sent Joe to one of Ben’s premieres and they have remained close through it all… very very sweet that Ben showed up to support his bud. As such, he looks hotter than he has in a long time.

Jennifer Garner came along for the ride too. Taupe wore polka dots for the occasion – perfect political wife. Indeed much of what Jen does these days seems MiniVan tailored, from play time at the park to dressing for Congress, all fitting quite nicely into the Yummy Mummy image.

Another good example – Ben and Jen at the Red Sox game the other day, picture perfect smiles and dimples even while pointing out the pappies. Taupe really is an ideal campaign colour…wonder if they’ll make it a 5 year plan? If the opportunity presented itself, they would in a heartbeat…trust.