The Afflecks went to Spago for dinner last night. They were photographed on the way out, arm in arm, and Jennifer Garner was beaming. She was beaming earlier too when the paps shot her out for a walk/run with a friend. And he was in good spirits as he took his girls out to run errands. No missteps here. It’s a long, long campaign season but so far, these are good, safe moves -- don’t give them a picture to exploit, don’t give them any reason to take it away from you, and be happy, be grateful, make them feel good about honouring you. I can’t imagine how the Academy could ignore Ben Affleck right now. I can only imagine that they must be totally in love with him.

Earlier this week, Ben was also shot leaving a meeting with his other campaign partner Matt Damon. Apparently they’re to work on another movie together. AFTER they work on getting Ben another Oscar. Question: does Damon show up for Affleck more than Affleck shows up for Damon? In some relationships there’s a taker and there’s a giver. How does it break down between Ben and Matt? Totally even and equal? Or... one gives more than the other?