Maybe it"s the voracious gossip in me but this is the kind of story I hear about and my smutty sense starts tingling immediately. So Ken Sunshine releases a statement yesterday - something about Ben Affleck being rushed to a hospital over the weekend because of a migraine. A migraine??? I suppose it could have been his very first ever migraine, in which case I guess it would not be an overreaction to present yourself at the ER for fear of an aneurysm or something equally hideous. But those who suffer frequently from migraines can probably attest to the fact that what you really need are some serious painkillers and a dark, dark room with absolutely no noise whatsoever. Anyway, I decided to overreact and call my friend Dr. Beth, a highly respected medical professional for her opinion. Here"s her diagnosis: "when it comes to Migraines, the only medical reason to go to hospital is if the pain is excruciating, and you need a bit of the IV Happy to make things better. A migraine headache is not directly related to an aneurysm, but, the worst headache of your life is a sign of a possible aneurysm, and people should get that checked out ASAP. However, to check this out, it would take much longer than 2 hours. " IV Happy? For someone who had a stint in Promises? Never!!! Hmm…shall we be drama queen bitches and speculate? Because now I"m wondering whether or not the first time director with an acting career on life support had a bit of an anxiety attack that he thought was a heart attack. Tummy aches, back problems, migraines - regular medical issues surely don"t require the involvement of the most powerful flack in Hollywood, do they? Which begs the question - what, if anything, is Ken Sunshine trying to spin???