I"m not going to start fanning myself like they do on Oprah but this is pretty frickin" cute: Ben Affleck and Violet enjoying a father/daughter at the beach. Though he looks just a little bit awkward, I think it adds to the charm - the "awwwwww" factor few woman can resist. Imagine that. Only 3 years ago Ben was allegedly getting manual at Brandy"s in Vancouver which, of course, prompted an intense media firestorm which, of course, led to the cancelled JLo wedding wedding which, of course, subsequently signalled the end of Bennifer. I"ll get into the Brandy dirt another time...when Violet"s not involved - I don"t feel like fighting with the Sanctimonious Right today. Besides, this is about Daddy Ben and his Baby Girl - almost a year old, SOOO cute, he really is barely recognisable anymore is he? Still...from one degenerate gambler to another - you bet your boob job there"s a little itch. I promise. Source