Ben and Casey Affleck were in London yesterday promoting Gone Baby Gone and also found time to drop in at The Return of the Salon hosted by Esquire Magazine held at the Sanderson Hotel. My only memory of the Sanderson Hotel is from last summer. We went there for drinks while working on the Diana Concert special, a group of us on the patio, when this woman (a full blown adult) stood up in a hurry after drinking too much and literally, no joke, sprayed puke across our table. Sorry, I digress.

So the Afflecks joined “London’s creative elite” at the Salon where they got all arty with each other, hopefully with no mention of a movie Ben made called Reindeer Games which just might be the worst ever. Or maybe that was Surviving Christmas.

In all fairness, he is certainly trying to put the sh*t behind him and his role behind the camera in Gone Baby Gone, to say nothing of his rehabilitated image as doting husband and father to the matching dimpled faces of his wife and child, has certainly helped. Haven’t seen him in a while but Ben looks good – lean, healthy, and well rested from a couple months of down time with Taupe and Violet. She’s been shooting a movie in Boston and they were living quietly outside the city where they apparently want to stay until there’s something to promote.

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