Violet Affleck is going to break me. If not for the unshakeable knowledge that I would birth a serial killer, I swear this child could almost warm my ovaries – quite an accomplishment considering the thought of having my own is almost worse than having to look at Emmy Rossum all day. But how can anyone see that face and not squeal? Violet Affleck is impossibly cute! And has Violet Affleck accomplished the inconceivable? Can a baby take away the Casino Itch? If so…maybe I should have one after all. See the Family Affleck, total Wholesome Wonderbread Heaven, leaving a studio in Hollywood the other day which is why I’ll apologise in advance for soiling the pretty picture. Does Violet bear a curious resemblance to Victor Garber? Who plays a different game, if you get my drift but funny that, don’t you think? Wasn’t he her father on Alias? Do you see it? Or is it just my bitch? Oh and PS? Ben Affleck whispering to his baby? Total. Loin. Quiveration. Source