So many bears on one carpet, what’s a bear to do?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the first group of presenters at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards:

George Cloney, Will Ferrell, Nathan Fillion (!), Debra Messing, Jeremy Renner, Amanda Seyfried, Jason Statham, Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, and Kristen Wiig.


Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez.

JLO presents at, well, everything. And Garner’s husband Ben Affleck will be there to represent Argo. It’s an impossible dream but, man, if only someone would have the temerity to ask if both Jennifers-linked-to-Ben could take the stage ...together? Just for the reaction. I just want to know the reaction. And if they actually said yes, even better.

Logistically then, for show producers, does that mean their categories have to be spread apart, so as to avoid any backstage awkwardness? And does that mean that JLO can’t present anything that Ben/Argo has a possibility of winning? Can you imagine him accepting an award, and a kiss and hug, from her in front of his wife ...and the world? How much do we have to pay the director to CUT TO THE AFFLECKS when JLO is up there? Will JLO Bear bring the Casper Bear? What if Casper Bear and Ben Bear run into each other in the men’s room? Will Ben and Garner finally walk a proper carpet together? Or do you save that for the Academy and Hollywood & Highland?

We’ll be live-blogging the show. During this part, we will be live-blogging in all caps. God I love the Globes. They are so Good For Gossip.

Here’s Ben Affleck in New York this morning on Good Morning America with Tony Mendez (he plays him in Argo), pushing the film as we get closer to Oscar nomination day and the Academy voting period. Zero Dark Thirty momentum seems to have slowed as a result of some of the torture criticism, giving Argo a slight push in recent days as the less controversial option. Right now, Lincoln seems to have taken the lead, but, as my friend Teri -- a member of the Broadcast Film Critics -- said the other day, Argo may be, among the serious contenders, the one movie that satisfies across the board: the intellectuals and the masses, the industry, the media, and the money.

Ben’s working hard for it. And he has Clooney helping him. It’s too close to call!