Was it?

No idea.

But Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel are best friends so at some point, there had to be an invitation over to the Afflecks for barbeque, right? And since Ben is such a respected director now, Justin Timberlake would have been all over that. Justin Timberlake totally wanted to be in The Town.

Now Variety is reporting that Ben and Pips are doing a movie together called Runner, Runner. It’s about online gambling. Ben loves gambling. Pippy thinks this will be his Rounders. How much did you f-cking love John Malkovich in Rounders?

Nyet! Nyet! Nyet! Check, check, check!

Anyway, Timberlake keeps getting parts. I would say Justin the actor is like Hollywood’s Fetch except that Fetch never happened and, well, Justin the actor seems to be happening a lot. Um, have you seen In Time? There’s a part in In Time when JT is waiting for someone to get off the bus, I can’t remember who, and the passengers get off and he’s looking at each person to see if it’s the one he’s looking for and he moves his head each time - swivel, swivel, swivel, swivel - because that’s what it says in the Acting Handbook For New Actors for the actors who’ve yet to graduate to acting with their eyes. It’s so funny Jacek and I rewound it back a few times because we could not get enough. But apparently we don’t know sh-t. People who make movies want to keep making them with Justin Timberlake.