I take after my mother one respect. Not so much in the extreme – she frightens children and animals – but like her, I’m not baby crazy or baby gushy and while I love the babies that belong to my friends, I am also very happy that those babies are going home with them and not me. But then I see Violet Affleck. Violet Affleck makes me baby gushy. Violet Affleck makes me ooh and ahhh and want to squeeze something. Not enough to have one but enough to squeal a little - that is the power of Violet Affleck. See Violet and Jen in White Rock yesterday and for the first time, especially in the second photo, there’s a glimpse of Ben in her face. Word is in person she’s even cuter. And very well behaved, charms everyone, Jennifer is apparently a super chill mom according to people who saw them at the mall the other day. Amazing how Violet makes Taupe bearable, non? And amazing how comfortable they"ve become with the pappies, non? Source