In one corner: Ben in White Rock (just outside of Vancouver) this weekend for a little family time. The reformed Ben Affleck, thanks to shades of Taupe and Violet, every inch the wonderful husband and doting father. In the other corner: Ryan Phillippe and the adorable Deacon and his sister Ava in LA. Ryan with the Carb Face and the cheesy pick-up lines who can only score with two-bit tramp waitresses impressed by fame and not much else. The winner? Ben Affleck, hands down. PS. Ben took V to Bear Creek Park on Sunday for a mini train ride. She pulled the cord that makes the train go “toot toot”. Cute, non? PPS. Since Jason Lewis is now single (though Us Weekly is now saying he’s dating that Lindsay Lohan wannabe Michelle Trachtenberg – WTF???), what do we think of Jason and Reese? If for no other reason than making Ryan crazy? Just asking… Source