Last year, at this exact moment, I was pining HARDCORE for Joaquin Phoenix. Email arguments with my friend Erin over who deserved him more, daydreams, repeat viewings of Walk the Line…it was sick, it was twisted, it’s the same now with Leo but we won’t go there. By February I was done with him – it could have been the surly Oscar campaign or perhaps the Oscar bloat but whatever the reason, the obsession was gone, and though he’s still hot, he’s just not for me. Besides, I can’t give up steak. Having said that, as is the case whenever we see an old lover, ok, more precisely, an ex-crush, there is always a lingering interest, a desire to know, even though you don’t care, what it is that they’re up to. Which is why I’ll admit I got a little excited when I saw this. Joaquin interviewing Arckid for BlackBook. First of all, he looks great. Tousled hair, beard, the usual “outward appearances don’t matter” grunge…I like it. Even more intriguing though is who he’s talking to. One of the band members, you see, is a fellow named Royston Langdon, otherwise known as that dude who looks like Thom Yorke who married Liv Tyler and made her a baby. Yes. Liv Tyler. As in Joaquin’s first love. With whom he was desperately, desperately in love. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it? Apparently Joaq wants to direct their video, he’s down with their music, judging by the article, he’s on friendly terms with Roy too. Wouldn’t it be great if Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony could achieve the same camaraderie? Anyway, thought it might be timely to bring up some old school quiveration – 2 loin exploding pics of JP from last year and some wishful thinking at the time courtesy of my friend Michelle. Source