Past Prime is not a bad thing, you know. Past Prime means goodbye to the hunky beefcake, hello serious acting. I’m sure that’s what he’s after anyway, so it’s all good. Undeniable though, don’t you think? Three years ago, at the height of glorious Bennifer – man I miss those days – Ben was glossy and coiffed and total pinup hotness. Now of course he openly regrets it, says he rues that time in his life, says he had no direction, says he wasn’t himself, says he hated being in his own skin. Fair enough. Some people prefer glamour, others prefer Taupe. Jennifer Garner’s Taupe quite obviously works for Ben’s soul. So what does it matter that on the outside he looks thin-lipped and really rather dry? It was always my thing with Ben, you see. His mouth. Something about the way he talks, something about the way his lips don’t quite cover his teeth, and he looks like a spitting talker too. Not the best description but it’s there, you know? And the hair. Hair is important. Go down my Freebie Five, you’ll note Hair factors prominently. Leo has good hair, George has great hair, David – obvious - and of course Borat, Brad too…always good for a great ‘do. But not an attribute shared by Ben, as you can see from last night at the GQ event which he attended, with his wife, although they walked the carpet separately. Gwyneth pulls the same move - such nauseating, eyerolling behaviour is signature for my best friend, and apparently Togetherness and Taupe don’t mix either. Maybe he learned it from her? My girl is always good for a lesson in snottiness. Source