Jennifer Garner at the Oscar de la Renta opening last night. As you can see, Taupe is aglow and ataupe all at once. Even in black, she’s actually still Taupe. Well done.

Well done and well played too?

Remember, Taupe is still trying to go from Alias to the big screen – so many tv girls trying to be a bonafide movie stars. Sigh. Problem is those efforts seem to have stalled of late. Catch and Release went straight to DVD and the offers haven’t been all that great, which is why much is riding on how her next release The Kingdom does at the box office.

But if you ask Jennifer Garner about her priorities, she will tell you – of course – that her priority is her baby Violet, as it should be. Violet and Taupe are an irresistible combination – as the pappies can attest to…which is why day after day, the photos pour in: Jen and V shopping for groceries, Jen and V at the park, Jen and V always, Jen and V the perfect mother and daughter. And as you would expect, the MiniVan Majority is eating it up.

Especially since America’s current sweetheart Reese Witherspoon is willing to go on record with In Style by describing Jen as “a doll”…explaining that they “talk about mom stuff…Jen loves celebrating the traditions of home and family”. Ah yes, the MiniVan Mantra…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh and by the way – Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are best friends, right? And Matt Damon is a pretty big movie star right? Tell me…do you know what his kid looks like? Could you pick his daughter Isabella out of a playground? Bet your boob job you can’t. Funny that, non?

Just asking…