Someone knows he f-cked up. And someone is smart enough to be sorry for it. Or, at the very least, to look like he’s sorry for it. This is one of the qualities (of many qualities) that Chris Brown is lacking: Contrition.

As posted yesterday, Ben Affleck gave an interview at Sundance during which he appeared to publicly rebuke his Taupe wife for telling a magazine about their courtship. Click here for a refresher.

Realising perhaps that he’d humiliated her, Ben, upon arriving home, has clearly made nice, taking to a public outing yesterday, with the paps present, during which both he and Jennifer Garner were all smiles. Big smiles. This is rare. To see them together while photographers are shooting, and looking happy about it. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh please. You know this. You also know that Taupe and Shelfy Biel are best friends. Having said that, the Taupes seem much more convincing than the Pipsqueak. Maybe it’s because Ben doesn’t have one foot out the door.

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