As mentioned earlier, yesterday was Warner Bros’ turn to present at CinemaCon. And so they brought out the Justice League, without the superhero we care most about at this point: Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot gave birth recently so she’s not available which is why, I dunno, the whole vibe seemed so… dull?

They’re calling this Ben Affleck’s first red carpet since revealing that he was in rehab. And that could explain why no one was talking except for Zack Snyder. They showed some footage, they took some pictures, and Aquaman and the Flash brought the personality. Because Batman and Superman sure as f-ck didn’t. Imagine these photos without Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller. Instant boredom.

Actually, no. That’s not true. I’m a little bit interested in why Henry Cavill is trying to wear a leather blazer. It’s either leather or coated wax, like on jeans. Whatever it is, it’s not his look. Sarah wrote about the most recent Justice League trailer earlier this week and mentioned near the end that Henry’s Superman doesn’t show up at all – and you don’t miss him, you really don’t. This blazer is not helping. But also, if Henry Cavill’s sh-tty blazer is the most interesting thing about this crew, we are in trouble.