Just for fun, because it’s a Friday, let’s make like Life & Style and In Touch Weekly and totally pull a story out of our asses…shall we?

Officially they’re working on He’s Just Not That Into You but I have to tell you, I looked at these photos and caught my breath. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston are hot together. Especially since neither is particularly renowned for superior acting ability, it’s easy to go there, you know? To wonder if it’s not just fake body language and chemistry for the cameras. To speculate that there may be something more behind Jen’s big smile of late than self help books and Pilates.

Has that ever happened to you? A crush at work, someone you see maybe five, six times a day – in the lunch room, on your way to a conference call – someone on the 4th floor but you work on the 7th floor so you make a point of using the photocopier there anyway? Because the images ae “sharper”? Someone who inspires you to spend 20 extra minutes getting ready in the morning?

I have work crushes all the time.

Is Ben Affleck a work crush? Is Jen crushing on Ben?

It would certainly be a lovely ironic twist. Jen of course dated Brad after Gwyneth. Ben dated Gwyneth after Brad. Jen and Ben are The Nexts. And now The Nexts are Kissing. Do you love it…or do you love it?

Will Taupe Garner coming roaring to the set with Violet in tow to put a stop to the flirtation? Bet your boob job this will be Life & Style’s cover story next week.