Exactly one year ago today, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation. It’s also their 11 year wedding anniversary. And since they haven’t actually filed paperwork to begin divorce proceedings, it is indeed an anniversary. A double anniversary? This is the day we started a life together. This is the day we made a statement that we are changing what it means to have a life together.

What did that change look like?

Well, for a couple of months, it looked like this:


By the end of the summer though, Chrissy O had gone underground. And Ben and Jen were giving us their consciously uncoupled face. And they went on holiday today with the Brady-Bundchens. And even though she cut him with a thousand smiles in Vanity Fair, still they moved to London together temporarily while he worked on Justice League in the spring, going out to shows and dinners …without the children. They also still live on the same property.

So…is it OK to say Happy Anniversary, Ben and Jen?

Attached - file photos of Ben and Jen together over the years.