Ben Affleck has been shooting a movie in Boston. Taupe and their two girls have joined him. They say there’s a charity poker event he’s hosting with Matt Damon here in Cannes but last night Ben and Jen were at the Magic Celtics Game 7.

I love these photos. Something about the way he’s holding her hand… it’s very sweet. Also very different from the way my husband and I sit together at sporting events. He’s either calling the ref a c-nt, or I’m ogling a skanky while he tries to drown out my voice. Occasionally, when I’m bored, I’ll ask him to play my favourite game:

The Beckhams.

You can play The Beckhams standing or sitting. The sitting version of The Beckhams is as follows – partner playing Victoria must be hungry. Partner playing David must squint. David’s hand placed on Victoria’s inner thigh, up from the knee, but not so close to the crotch to make it low classy. Pretend to be sitting in back of luxury vehicles, pap bulbs flashing. Exhale like you hate it, but really you love it so much.

Super fun!

But not as fun as it is standing/walking. Try it some time.

Unfortunately the Afflecks don’t play The Beckhams.


Photos from Matt Stone/