Last Thursday, before I hit pause on the blog for Marcus, I was checking out whether or not I could afford to buy new shots of Chrissy O at LAX. It was the first time she’d been papped in almost 3 weeks. She was too expensive for me. Was she too expensive for the internet in general? Because I don’t recall seeing the pictures posted on very many sites. Click here if you’re curious though.

So…really… is it that she cost too much or is it that… nobody cares anymore? Has Chrissy O had her time?

Another theory: have the people who could afford to buy those Chrissy O photos been told NOT to buy the Chrissy O photos?

Why post Chrissy O photos when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner look so amicable at the farmers market on Sunday and are driving the kids to school together whenever they can? According to a new article over at PEOPLE, Jen’s been more “accepting” of the separation and all Ben really wants for her is to be happy. Also, she “can’t even imagine dating” and right now they’re just focused on working out this “new normal” together and prioritising the children. Also apparently “Ben has a schedule when he is responsible for the kids” and he’s “still living elsewhere" because he and Jen have “no plans to live on the same property”.

In other words, they’re being kind to each other but they don’t want you to think that they’re getting back together. The entire PEOPLE article is all about how awesome these two are at divorce. Like we’re supposed to forget what a f-ckup he was leading up to the divorce. And it’s much easier to forget when Chrissy O’s not doing flybys in her drop top Lexi. It’s also an example of what can be exchanged, how far a friendly note will go, reminding a magazine editor here and there that if, you know, those Chrissy O pictures can be ignored, maybe they’ll find their way to a story in a few months, or worse, if those pictures aren’t ignored, access in a few months gets blocked. It’s not like Ben Affleck has no experience influencing an editorial decision