And they’re engaging the paps to convince you of it.

As I always say – gossip is a buffet. The smut is laid out, your choice what goes on your plate. There were rumours last week that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have found themselves in the Madonna/Guy Ritchie situation. They immediately issued a denial.

Then they quickly hooked up with their besties this weekend, Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, for a well photographed dinner in LA.

Protest too much?

In this case…no.

They were low key in Boston earlier this year, renting a house just outside the city, where they were happily ensconced while she worked on a movie. Now that they’re back in LA, they deliberately take turns every morning driving Violet to pre-school as photographers start camping outside their house around 7am. They usually do a morning coffee run together, hand in hand, when the paps thin out, and it’s been their routine basically ever since they’ve been together.

So far, nothing has changed. Am told they are happy, they are committed parents, and they are ambitious together too, totally on the same page in terms of where to take her career and where to take his.

The Afflecks are fine. Trust.

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