Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton took the heat off Ben Affleck last week. Now that Miranda and Blake are trying to make it all go away by tweeting at each other like everything’s all good, let’s check back in with Ben and Jen. This weekend they were in Atlanta, wearing their wedding rings, and spending time with the kids at the same time. Click here to see shots of them at a school fair. They’re posing for pictures – and the difference in their expressions is tragicomical.

They were also photographed separately. Ben made a stop at the pet store, presumably to buy supplies for the new puppy and Jennifer was seen at a local Starbucks as they carefully try to ride out the public interest surrounding their divorce. I imagine they’ve been advised – or he’s been advised – to be cautious, as cautious as possible so as not to give any of the rumours a longer lifespan than necessary. Staying in Atlanta as much as he can should help with that. Once he gets back to LA though… well… then it’s all about impulse control.