Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were seen together yesterday for the first time since his birthday. You remember his birthday face? I’ve never seen someone so sad to be riding Dumbo. Click here for a refresher.

This, clearly, is not a Dumbo face. Ben’s actually smiling in the presence of his estranged wife. Is it because his boy Tom Brady doesn’t have to miss out on the season opener? Is it because Chrissy O is on the low low? Is it because … Jennifer Garner wants to work it out?

X17 says they were at a marriage counselling session. Other pap agencies are calling it a doctor’s appointment. PEOPLE referred to it as a “family counselling centre”, where they used to attend weekly sessions but stopped “in the months leading to the split”. After the meeting, the two left together in his car, both of them wearing rather pleasant expressions.

Maybe Ben has a little Brady magic of his own. Can you imagine the bro-respect he’d get if he gets his wife back even after taking it to the nanny?