Ben Affleck was in Toronto on Sunday to promote Batman vs Superman during NBA All-Star Weekend. Click here for a refresher. He left right away, evidently, to rejoin Jennifer Garner and their kids in Montana, where they’ve been on holiday since last Friday, at Yellowstone Club in Big Sky. Also there? Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. All four of them were seen hanging out in the bar on Monday night, although a source insisted to Page Six that Ben’s not drinking because “He’s getting in shape for Batman”. Right. But, um, the main reason should be that he went to rehab for drinking almost 15 years ago, right?

A year ago, this trip would not have been all that newsworthy. A year ago, Ben and Jennifer had not yet announced their separation. A year ago, we hadn’t seen this photo (yes, I will always post this photo whenever the opportunity presents itself):


You’ll recall, that photo reportedly started all kinds of trouble between Tom and Gisele while there was already a whole lot of trouble happening between Ben and Jen and what he may or may not have been doing with their nanny when she was supposed to be looking after his kids. And now they’ve all found a way to hang out together again. Because it was all nothing, because the media blew the situation out of proportion? Or because it’s easier to unite against a common enemy?

Attached - Ben meeting up with Jennifer Garner and their daughters in LA last week.