Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck stepped out this weekend with their kids in LA. No tension, not at all. After that amazing Vanity Fair interview, Jen’s been really generous with Ben. She told Extra last week that for their son’s birthday party:

“We all dressed up, I dressed up as a ninja and Ben dressed up as Batman for Sam…  it was the best dad moment in history.”

That quote got picked up everywhere. And while it was intended as a compliment for him, which worked, sort of, mostly it just made her look even better. That she can still find the energy to be kind to him after all the times he’s f-cked up. For the sake of the children, always the children.

And this is why he still needs her. Because Batman vs Superman is coming out in just 3 weeks. And with so much riding on the movie, so much expectation, he can’t afford the bad press. He has to be perfect – and you can’t trust that kind of responsibility to Ben Affleck in his own hands. Jennifer Garner, however, can sell Ben Affleck better than Ben Affleck can sell Ben Affleck. Nick Dunne and Amazing Amy, see? And they share clothes too.

Apparently before leaving, Ben tossed Jen his sweatshirt. She was seen wearing it the rest of the day. Clearly his smell doesn’t repulse her. So, maybe not the kind of conscious uncoupling we’ve seen from Gwyneth and Chris. But a kind of co-existence, all the same.