Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner stepped out today with their son Samuel. They were also photographed over the weekend with all three of their children. It was a family weekend. And there’s been a lot of family time – at least in public – lately, before Ben has to start major press for Live By Night which, as I posted last week, is quietly being presented for Oscar consideration. Right now then, Ben Affleck’s best look is this look: devoted to his kids, respectful to his estranged wife, and definitely no nannies. If people want to speculate that he and Jennifer are working towards reconciliation, that he’s put in the effort to improve their relationship, to re-dedicate himself to their marriage, and has convinced her that he’s worth taking a chance on again? Even better. That’s the storyline the MiniVan Majority will respond to. And Jennifer Garner brings in the MiniVan Majority. We’ve seen the power of that majority recently. If I’m Warner Bros and if I’m his publicist, I’ve very happy about this storyline, I’m hoping this is the storyline that follows him leading up to and through the release of his film.