For a couple of weeks now, several tabloids have been reporting on the alleged imminent demise of the Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck marriage. And yesterday the New York Daily News published a story about how the two are “leading separate lives” citing several sources who claim that they hardly spend any time together. One source, who is supposedly friends with both the Afflecks and the Damons, had this to say:

“They had good times when they were living in Brentwood and hanging at Matt’s (house). Things were definitely a lot more upbeat and optimistic then. Now there’s friction and tension between them. They’re like two ships passing in the night.”

Another source is apparently a neighbour and describes Ben as an uncompromising dick:

“Ben Affleck only likes things his way or no way. He’s as stubborn as a mule. He’s not exactly flexible. He is prone to moodiness when he doesn’t get his way. Dealing with him is not a walk in the park.”

So Ben and Jen stepped out together yesterday and photographers were around to document it. Coincidence or conspiracy? And they say the paparazzi don’t have value.