Ben and Taupe took daughter Violet to her first day at pre-school Monday. Ben was apparently beaming with his nametag on during orientation for the parents while Jen was observed getting a little emotional. Violet meanwhile couldn’t have been more excited. Seriously…Violet is the best. Trading on her dimples is even better.

As for Ben – he was in Calgary hosting the oneXone event on Saturday night. Flight was late, cancelled most interviews in advance, but was gracious and pleasant and passionate during the gala. Per usual he was wearing bad shoes. Man has no style.

He does however have a thing for Old Navy boxers. It is sad that I know this. But you’ll note, he’s wearing them in these photos and he’s been wearing them for years. They’re actually not a bad choice. Much cheaper than Calvins and pretty much the same thing. This way there’s money left over for you.

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