Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were photographed leaving a Halloween party on Friday I guess before they took their kids out trick or treating. As you can see, Ben’s wearing eyeliner and breasts and Jennifer’s in a bat fascinator. The pap agency said she was “in no mood for pictures”. That’s probably just Photo Assumption, not all that reliable, but since we’re here, and we’ve been talking about the eternal Bennifer – in the previous post – it does make you wonder how she reacts in private to the constant connection her husband has with Jennifer Lopez. Especially when Jennifer Lopez looks like Jennifer Lopez. Or maybe I’m the petty one and everyone should try to be more evolved. Totally.

It’s just that… there’s always that one ex who picks your ass, non?

In Jennifer Garner’s case, she has a couple to choose from: Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Lopez. Not Britney Spears though.

Of course she’s the mother of his children. In hierarchy, there’s no ranking above the Mother Of The Children. Except, well, we’re also talking about Ben Affleck. Sometimes he gets in his own way.