The Afflecks arrived yesterday in LA from whereabouts unknown. Ben’s still wearing his hair closely cropped, Taupe’s sweater is another dreary winner, and little Violet, 3 today, is still as happy and as beguiling as ever, the most interesting person in her family.

Am told the Taupes were very loving with one another on this occasion. No tension, no awkwardness, just an ordinary married couple without extraordinary drama. Been receiving emails from many of you recently wondering if they’re on the verge of a split. From my sources at least, there’s been nothing to indicate this whatsoever. On the contrary, Ben and Jen appear to be more committed than ever. Renovations are moving forward on their home, they maintain a very structured, steady schedule, lots of family time, she’s apparently very close with his mother, and he’s supposedly turned down a few offers that would require extended location time…

In other words, I’m bored. They’re fine.

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