Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took their kids to a cake making shoppe the other day, playing the Brange campaign maybe even better than the Brange.

Look at Ben all proud daddy, taking pictures and participating in the fun family activity! At one point, he leans in and gives his wife a loving kiss on the cheek. And she rewards him with a huge, irresistible, American sweetheart smile -- like I said last week, she’d make a perfect political wife, and, as you know, it doesn’t get more political than Oscar. Argo topped a weak box office in its third week this weekend, continuing to solidify its lock on award season. Have you seen it yet? It is exactly the kind of film the Academy would want to recognise as the best of the year -- patriotic, an inspiring tall tale come true with a Hollywood twist, and backed by a major studio, Warner Bros, produced by Mr Hollywood himself George Clooney. Did you know that if Argo is nominated for Best Picture - and it’s hard to imagine it won’t be - George Clooney will be “the first individual to score Academy Award nominations in six separate categories”? (Source)

If Argo wins, a LOT of powerful people win. And they must be very, very happy that the Family Affleck is playing along so enthusiastically.