The Perfect Family at track & field day

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 29, 2013 17:23:22 April 29, 2013 17:23:22

I mean, it just doesn’t get much better...

They have names you can pronounce: Ben and Jen. He has a chin dimple. She has cheek dimples. They have three children with dimples. They are tall and goodlooking, but not too goodlooking. They go to the farmers’ market on Sundays and then to the school track & field day and they watch in the stands and video the activities and wait at the finish line with their arms outstretched and their perfect teeth gleaming and, well, this is the dream, isn’t it? This is the dream. And it’s a dream that much easier to love. Gwyneth’s living the dream too, only hers is so much harder to swallow. It’s all in the execution, of course. By now you must know that the motivation is no different?

Wenn, Fern/ Splash

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